Video de lanzamiento del Bentley Continental V8

8 de febrero de 2012 | Comentarios(1)

La marca Bentley ya presento el video de lanzamiento del nuevo modelo Bentley Continental V8. El nuevo modelo de coche esta equipado con un potente motor V8 de 4 litros.

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  1. Ruslim dice:

    Firstly, Bently isn’t British anymore, VW own them. Rolls Royce are owned by BMW so are not British etiher. And I assume by MGM you mean MG Rover? They arent British and are owned by Tata Motors in India.So really the only car that is British there is Aston Martin, Although owned by Ford and Kuwait investment company they do not own 100% between them. And So it is really your only choice for a British car. Which I would have said anyway.

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